STRATCOMCOE calls for “fictitious political-military scenario concepts”

If you’ve got a really good idea to conquer nations, overthrow governments, spread disinformation and generally stir the geopolitical pot, and you’re not already a super-villain building a Doomsday Machine in a secret base beneath Ruhnu island, this could be the perfect first step on the career ladder to global domination.

The Rīga-based NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE) is calling for imaginative ideas from members of the public to help it in its research and simulation of real-world challenges.

“In this call, we solicit your ideas of fictitious political-military scenario concepts to be played out in StratCom training exercises (such as a table-top exercise, or    TTX  ). Selected concepts will be further refined and modeled into StratCom exercise frameworks during our upcoming symposium on StratCom scenario and exercise development,” a dedicated  website announcing the competition says.

The best three submitted scenario concepts will win their authors an invitation to participate in an upcoming symposium for StratCom exercises and scenarios in Rīga with travel, accommodation and meals fully covered.

Individuals or teams are eligible for participation and scenario concepts should be in English and not exceed 1,500 words.


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