“Still Breathing”: Samanta Tina at Eurovision 2021? (Video)

She’s the Latvian star who was ready to bring all the fringe to the Eurovision 2020 stage in Rotterdam. And now, as she waits for the pandemic to end and for Latvia to decide on its future selection process, Samanta Tina has had an in-depth chat with Wiwibloggs.

The “Still Breathing” hitmaker — whose honours Tina Turner with her stage name — tells us that she will not accept an offer to compete in any future national selections.

“I’m not gonna take part anymore,” she says in our 45-minute Skype call. “I already have my win – I did it, I made it.”

“If they’re gonna decide to make a new selection, I think it could be quite weird if I’m gonna go there, like all the participants. I think it wouldn’t be fair.”

Samanta Tina at Eurovision 2021? (Interview)

But don’t stop breathing just yet. She’s still very keen to go to Eurovision if LTV internally picks her.

“I’m waiting for really good news about 2021. And if they’re gonna choose me to represent Latvia next year…I think it would be really fair. As I know half already, or maybe a little less, [of this year’s participating countries] already made that decision about their participants.”

She’s also open to the idea of a song selection, where Samanta and her people shortlist a series of songs for the public to choose from.

“I think it’s a quite good idea, really. Five songs. A lot of producers can try and send a song, make a song. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

She’s been touched by the enthusiasm of fans. “I was really close to tears and they made the hashtag #SamantaTinaforESC2021….they are writing to Supernova, tagging Supernova. It’s so sweet….it’s so nice that feeling that I have a lot of fans around the world.”


Samanta also reveals details about her planned staging for Rotterdam. It was going to be hot.

“We were working already for the huge and massive stage art with 3-D effects, which could like burn that stage down. We wanted to make this feeling that if I’m really powerful and the song is crazy, we’re gonna make this performance til the end the craziest ever, to have this feeling that the stage is burning down with all my movements, all those fringes. Pow, pow, pow! And everything burning down in the end. It was an amazing project and I’m really sad we can’t show that.”

Samanta also tells us about her planned postcard, reveals that she thinks Lithuania would have won ESC and explains why a vocal coach once encouraged her to pass gas on stage.

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