Statistics: number of Finnish tourists fell by half in August

Far fewer Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian tourists visited Estonia this August, data from Statistics Estonia shows. Domestic tourists provided a boost to the sector.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Estonia was significantly smaller than in August 2019, before the coronavirus crisis, and in August last year.

There were 97,000 accommodated foreign tourists, which is 66 percent less than in August 2019 and 13 percent less than in August 2020.

Foreign tourists spent a total of 209,000 nights in Estonia, which is 3 percent less than last year.

Analyst at Statistics Estonia Helge Laurmaa said: “The number of tourists from Finland, which has a significant impact on the Estonian hotel market, was 21,000. This represents just 51 percent of last year’s level and 26 percent of the pre-crisis level. There were 49 percent fewer tourists from Latvia and 50 percent fewer tourists from Lithuania. There were several more distant countries from which a much larger number of tourists came to Estonia compared to August last year, but these numbers were still considerably lower than in the pre-crisis years.”

In August, there were 1,202 accommodation establishments open for tourists in Estonia, which is 4 percent less than last year and 14 percent less than in 2019.

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