Spiking infections result of shopping spree, says Lithuanian PM

The record number of new Covid-19 cases is the result of intense shopping right before lockdown, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė told members of parliament on Wednesday.

“The numbers we are seeing are the result of the pre-lockdown activities, [the situation] in shopping centres, as well as people flocking to shops last minute,” she said.

On Wednesday, Lithuania registered a record 3,737 new coronavirus infections. Fifty people have also died of Covid-19.

Since the lockdown was introduced on December 16, there has been a decrease in activity.

“We received movement data from Google yesterday, we also have data from Apple. Mobility has decreased and maybe next week we will be able to say how much these movement restrictions are impacting, or not impacting, the number of new [coronavirus] cases,” she said.

However, testing for Covid-19 is not showing the true scale of the pandemic, according to Šimonytė, adding that “it is a shame that some people are not adhering to the quarantine restrictions”.

On Wednesday, the government may further tighten quarantine restrictions, including decreasing the allowed number of people travelling in a car.


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