Some Rīga Transport schedules change Monday

In order to reduce the crowding of passengers in Rīga public transport, Rīgas Satiksme has introduced a number of changes from Monday, March 15, Latvian Radio reported.

Rīgas Satiksme representative Baiba Bartaševiča-Feldmane said that the buses no. 6, 25, 36, 44, 46, 53 and trolley buses 4 and 15 would run more often in the mornings and evenings.

On the busy section of the bus route no. 3, a bus route 3A has been established. 3A will travel from Daugavgrīva to Brīvības bulvāris in the mornings and from Brīvības bulvāris to Daugavgrīva in the evening.

As of Monday, the trolley buses 1A and 5A will replace buses 1 and 5, taking the same exact route and stopping at the same stops.


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