School testing will take place every 14 days in Latvia

Health Minister and Education and Science Minister agreed to switch to school testing once every 14 days.

If the number of positive Covid-19 cases in society increases significantly, the frequency of testing may be revised again.

The first weeks of testing have allowed for the commencement of on-site learning and the prevention of outbreaks in 215 educational establishments and to assess more objectively the distribution of Covid-19 in Latvian municipalities. Testing more than 200,000 pupils and school employees has been a challenge for education institutions, children and their parents, as well as laboratories.

The previous school testing week revealed 295 Covid-19 positive cases, 13% of the total.

In order to make the testing process more convenient and operational for all parties involved, it is planned to gradually introduce a different testing method in schools, which involves testing samples from one class at a time. Such arrangements would reduce the costs.

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