Saeima committee: job advertisements will have to include potential wage

From now on, employers will have to state the wage amplitude in job advertisements. This is provided by amendments to the Labour Law approved in the third reading by Saeima’s Social and Employment Matters Committee on Tuesday, 23 October, as confirmed by Saeima’s press-service.

Potential gross wage and hourly rate will have to be stated in job advertisements.

Amendments to the Labour Law also provide a number of other changes social experts have agreed upon.

It is also planned to review regulations regarding the termination of job contracts for members of trade unions. A condition will be added, stating that permission from the trade union is not needed if the worker is unable to perform his or her duties due to their health or some other problem. In such cases, employers will have to warn the trade union in advance and consult with their experts on this matter. Additionally special protection in cases of job contract termination will be available only for those workers who have been members of a trade union for longer than six months.

During the committee’s meeting, representatives of employers said the current legislation is often abused by workers in cases when they find other jobs. People often reference some important reason for their resignation but do not go into more detail about the actual reasons. Additionally, the one-month termination period is often not complied with.

Changes to the law were implemented also in relation to reprimands and the order for their appeal. To further improve legislative clarity, amendments to the Labour Law provide that in cases when reprimands are not lifted after their appeal, workers have the right to take the matter to court within one month’s time.

There is still the third and final reading left for amendments.

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