Saeima approves relaxed restrictions

Saeima approved government decision on relaxing Covid-19 restrictions, it was reported in a news release on May 28.

The relaxations as of June 1 include:

It is permitted to resume organized artistic collective activity – choirs, dance groups, instrumental and vocal ensembles, amateur theaters, folklore group and other arts collectives indoors and outdoors, strictly observing  sanitary requirements   issued by the Culture Ministry.

The Ministry of Education will prepare a sanitary protocol for organization of camps and examinations.

Entry tests for basic education, secondary and tertiary education, as well as adult learning and interest education and vocational education are permitted.

Deputy Julija Stepanenko questioned why the government would not open children’s entertainment sites and concerns were voiced that there would be unequal conditions for different businesses. She called on the government that children’s entertainment field is overly restricted.

The decision was made with 83 votes for, 3 against, 1 abstained.


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