Russian Aerospace Forces to receive another S-400 missile system

Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces will soon receive a regimental unit of S-400 Triumpf missile systems and three divisional units of Pantsir-S missile systems, local news reported Thursday.

“The Aerospace Defense Forces have received three S-400 Triumpf missile systems this year for delivery to air defense units of military districts.” TASS news agency quoted the Russian defense ministry as saying.

“We are expecting another regimental unit of this system to be delivered soon, along with three divisional units of Pantsir-S missile systems supplied in accordance with the State Defense Order 2018,” said the ministry.

By the end of 2018, the share of modern military equipment for the Aerospace Defense Forces will reach 70 percent, added the ministry.

In recent years, Russia has been actively modernizing its military equipment. According to its state armament program for 2018-2027, Moscow plans to spend about 20 trillion rubles (318 billion U.S. dollars) to upgrade its military equipment.

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