RIsk groups can line up for Covid vaccines Saturday

On Saturday, April 10, people belonging to one of the priority groups currently getting Covid-19 jabs will be able to show up at mass vaccination centers in Rīga without an invitation, Health Ministry said in an informative statement April 8.

People who are currently eligible for a vaccine in Latvia are medical staff, persons aged 60 and over, social care center residents and employees, people with chronic diseases and people residing in the same household with chronically ill children and carers of chronically ill people.

Persons belonging to these groups will be able to get the jabs Saturday on a first come, first serve principle, without an invitation, forming the so-called “live queue”. This will happen in two mass vaccination centers in Rīga, the Attacentrs and Ķīpsala exhibition hall.

Chronic illness patients will need a doctor’s referral and carers of chronically ill people will have to confirm their belonging to that group.

Health Minister Daniels Pavļuts  has previously said that a live queue of the general population would not be desirable yet. However, a live queue of people in the priority groups will be experimentally implemented Saturday.


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