Rīga municipal elections to be postponed

On March 17 the Latvian cabinet supported the Environment Ministry initiative to postpone the Rīga extraordinary municipal elections to June 6.

The election was scheduled to take place on April 25 but as Latvia is taking emergency measures in response to the novel coronavirus it will take place at a later date.

Environment Minister Juris Pūce said that the date isn’t final and could be postponed even further. The new date was suggested under the assumption that Latvia would be able to deal with the Covid–19 crisis within two months.

The new date still has to be confirmed by the Latvian parliament.

Earlier this year, the Saeima legally dismissed Riga City Council because of its inability to make decisions, following three successive council meetings at which a quorum was not obtained. As previously reported by LSM, a large part of the council itself aided this state of affairs by calling meetings with the intention that they should not be quorate.

As well as the justification for the dismissal of the City Council, it is mentioned in the Law that the Riga Municipality has not fulfilled the autonomous functions of a municipality established in the Waste Management Law.


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