Resolution adopted by the Seimas to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Lithuanian Freedom League

While noting that 15 June 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of establishment of the Lithuanian Freedom League, the Seimas expressed its utmost respect for this resistance organisation of national revival and called for an extensive study into the activities of the Lithuanian Freedom League and for using its results for educational purposes. The Lithuanian Parliament appreciates the uncompromising fight of the Lithuanian Freedom League for the restoration of Lithuania’s independence. The corresponding Resolution (draft No XIIIP-2298) was adopted unanimously by 109 votes in favour.

The adopted document highlights the objectives set by the Lithuanian Freedom League to raise the national and patriotic awareness of youth to get ready for the restoration of the independence of the State, and to draw the attention of the international community to the issue of illegal occupation and annexation of the Baltic States.

“The Lithuanian Freedom League with its public statements, organised rallies and open confrontation with the Soviet regime substantially extended the limits of critical thinking in the society and paved the way for a broader movement of national revival,” the document reads. The Resolution notes that during the period of national revival the Lithuanian Freedom League strongly invited the public to consistently adhere to the ideals of freedom and independence, and the goals, objectives and ideas set by the Lithuanian Freedom League eventually became an integral part of official policy of the independent State of Lithuania in the process of its re-establishment.

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