Relations between Europe and the US on the brink

Today there are many misunderstandings and questions between the USA and Europe in the political and military spheres. Of course, they are partners, but there are problems. The United States continues to define the rules for relations with Europe in the field of foreign economic relations and in the field of foreign policy. But Europe is trying to stand up for its own interests on all these issues.

The Munich Security Conference confirmed this. The split intensified after the US announced its withdrawal from a nuclear deal with Iran. In turn Europe and Russia are united in supporting and maintaining economic relations, moreover, they don’t support US policy. The European countries reacted with a misunderstanding to the statement about a withdrawal of NATO troops from Syria, which, in their opinion, would only increase Russia’s influence in this geostrategic region.

Also, the US government sharply criticizes the purchase of Russian gas and the construction of «Nord Stream-2». The United States a full-scale trade war against German cars and qualify their import as a threat to national security.

From the speech of US Vice President Mike Pens, it is clear that the United States is dissatisfied with the level of NATO unity in Europe, for example, Turkey intends to buy C-400 from Russia.

The most serious contradiction between the two largest economies in the world is between China and the United States. If we take politics, the main contradictions here are between the United States and Russia, and it also affects Europe.

Particular attention should be given to the withdrawal of the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which firstly, according to German Federal Chancellor Merkel, concerns the safety of Europeans. And Europe doesn’t want these contradictions between the United States and Russia and the United States and China to have a negative impact on Europe itself.

The tension in international relations is growing. World states are trying to analyze everything that happens, improve after analysis. At the moment, analysis is a success, improvement is not yet.

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