‘Rail Baltica Academy’ aims to provide express education

The Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS has announced the continuation of its ‘Rail Baltica Academy’, a knowledge-sharing platform that provides a series of public lectures for students as well as for the general public across the Baltic countries.

“The ‘Rail Baltica Academy’ summer session will take place in June 2021, and will offer an opportunity to students and the general public interested in railway engineering, construction, maintenance, environmental issues, innovation and other topics to gain direct access to the key Rail Baltica experts from the Global Project coordinator RB Rail AS and implementing bodies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and learn from them about the latest industry trends and how they are being applied in Rail Baltica,” RB Rail said.

In seven online sessions, students will have an opportunity to get an insight into an integrated approach of project management and engineering to deliver a modern and sustainable railway infrastructure.

Sessions will include the following speakers and the agenda:

Full agenda and syllabus of the provided sessions are available on:    railbaltica.org/rail-baltica-academy/

Sessions will be organised in English, Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian (depending on a particular session) and will be available publicly on the designated Facebook events and Rail Baltica Global Project webpage    www.railbaltica.org  .


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