Price of popular food jumps 10 percent in Lithuania

The price of popular and well-known food products in Lithuania increased by 1.12 euros, or 2.7 percent, in September month-on-month and jumped by 3.87 euros, or 10 percent, year-on-year.

The price of the cheapest food basket in Lithuania in September rose by 1.59 euros, or 2.9 percent, since August, according to an analysis by the price comparison website. Year on year, it edged up by 0.19 euros, or 0.3 percent

Maxima remained the chain with the cheapest basket (up by 2.89 euros to 50.8 euros). Norfa rose to second place after lowering the price of its basket by 2.25 euros to 52.16 euros, followed by Lidl in third position (up by 1.59 euros to 53.48 euros).

Iki remained at number four, with the price of its basket up by 1.77 euros to 55.64 euros.

E-Rimi held onto its fifth position (up by 1.66 euros to 57.44 euros), followed by Rimi (up by 4.54 euros to 58.17 euros) and Barbora (up by 0.95 euros to 63.2 euros).

Prices for 28 out of the 52 products monitored by the website rose and prices for 19 products went down. The highest increases were in prices for potatoes, sunflower oil, black rye bread, milk and ground coffee.

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