Presidents of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia meet in Warsaw

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky together with the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia will take part in the celebration of the 230th anniversary of adoption of the first constitution of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in Warsaw today.

The presidential summit and bilateral talks between the presidents of Ukraine and Poland will be held within the framework of the visit, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The presidents will meet at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The heads of state will take part in a panel discussion on the future of Europe. During the meeting, the presidents will discuss the situation in Europe, the legacy of the past, common historical experience and current cooperation, unity of values, ​​and a shared vision of Europe in the context of current events on the continent.

The presidents will also sign a joint declaration in the context of the 230th anniversary of the adoption of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth’s constitution.

After the general meeting of presidents, bilateral talks between President Duda and President Zelensky will take place. Subsequently, the presidents are expected to make a joint statement for the media.

The first Constitution of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth was adopted by the Great Sejm on May 3, 1791. The constitution is considered one of the oldest in Europe. However, an attempt to implement the provisions of this document failed due to resistance from local magnates and the occupation of the Polish kingdom by Russian troops in 1792.

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