President Levits: situation with the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia is very serious

According Latvian Television, the situation with the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia is very serious and it is not acceptable to hesitate in taking decisions to limit the spread of the disease, the President of Latvia Egils Levits said in an interview.

He noted that the government has made the right decisions for Covid-19 recently, but in the current situation the President had hoped there would be decisions by now,  which has not happened.

The president stressed that the responsibility for delaying decisions lies not only with the Minister for Health, but with all the government and coalition parties. Swift and decisive action should be agreed upon.

“In any case, this beating about the bush has to be stopped and decisions have to be made. And these decisions must be really effective,” Levits said.

He urged the government to work “like a papal election where they can’t come out until the decision has been made”.

In Levits’s view, the government should try both to reduce people’s chances of becoming infected with Covid-19, so contacts should be reduced and vaccination against Covid-19 should be promoted.

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