Police salaries a priority for new Latvian Interior Minister

The salary of police officers and other internal affairs workers is not competitive and should be increased as soon as possible, the new Interior Minister Marija Golubeva said.

At the same time, Golubeva said there are other things that need to be done in the interior department, such as providing police with modern technologies and equipment. It is also known about the bad police working conditions in the precincts.

The issue of educating police officers is even more pressing. The creation of a new training system is necessary, which will require some financial resources.

Another priority problem is the inability of both the police and other services to see and prevent hate crimes. It is also necessary to strengthen internal security in Latvia, as well as cooperation between the State Police and other services.

It is clear that there is a lack of funding in many services, lack of suitable spaces, equipment and modern technologies.

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