Police appeal for help in soccer agent shooting case

Latvian State Police released pictures July 20 of men they seek in connection with the murder of the soccer agent Romāns Bezzubovs in April of 2021.

According to the police, the men in the photos are Ivans Agapitovs (1967) and Deniss Koņaškins (1975). Police reminded that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

At the same time, police said that the persons can be dangerous and/or armed so no attempts should be made to capture them on one’s own.

“If you recognize either of the men in the photos and know their location or any other information that could be useful in the investigation, we invite you to immediately call the State Police at 28601498 or e-mail  [email protected]  ,” State Police wrote on Twitter, adding that anonymity is guaranteed.

🔴 VP saistībā ar Romāna Bezzubova slepkavību meklē attēlos redzamos vīriešus – 1967.gadā dzimušo Ivanu Agapitovu un 1975.gadā dzimušo Denisu Koņaškinu. Ja ir zināma viņu atrašanās vieta, aicinām zvanīt 28601498 vai rakstīt uz  [email protected]   Vairāk:  https://t.co/GhOvb4PePV    pic.twitter.com/znzP6MoZSL   — Valsts policija (@Valsts_policija)  July 20, 2021


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