Percentage of positive COVID-19 tests grows in Latvia

The previous week’s incidence data with Covid-19 continued to show an increase in the proportion of positive tests, Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) said in a statement December 21.

The proportion of positive tests is currently 9.1%, compared with 7.8% a week previously.

The number of all tests has also increased in the past week – an average of 8 256 tests per day, 3% more than the previous week.

The number of patients treated at hospitals increased by 15.8%, which is an average of 108 patients per day.

The analysis of age groups shows a slight decrease in the age group below 14 years, while nearly half of all newly identified cases of COVID-19 are in the age group 50 and older.

The SPKC recalled that, until 3 January, residents may do a state-paid COVID-19 test without a doctor’s referral if there are respiratory disease symptoms.


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