Party demands resignation of newly elected Latvian Welfare Minister

The Board of the Latvian Regional Alliance (LRA) has requested Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš to immediately remove Welfare Minister Gatis Eglītis (New Conservative Party), according to a statement released June 6 by the LRA.

Gatis Eglītis, who was confirmed as the new Welfare Minister  only days earlier, published a statement on Twitter that suggests that, despite the choice made by voters, State and European funds will continue to be available only to a select few municipalities with government coalition parties in power, the LRA Board explained the reason for the request.

“I would recommend that the municipalities headed by LRA/Union of Greens and Farmers/Harmony don’t count their blessings yet, since the “government restart” of June 3 means that the big State Budget EU fund RRF money flow will be controlled by the four coalition parties (National Alliance, New Conservative Party, New Unity, Development/For!) which will primarily take care of ‘”their own” municipalities,” Eglītis wrote.

The Board of the LRA considers such statements to be categorically unacceptable and, according to the LRA, it shows a complete lack of understanding by Gatis Eglītis about state functions, democracy and the rule of law. A person with such views is not worthy of taking such a high position in a government whose task is to take care of the well-being of all Latvian residents and the opportunities for development of all the municipalities, says the LRA.

“Disappointed by his party’s weak results in the election, Gatis Eglītis has said what he actually thinks. A country where people need to be divided into their own and others, politically right and wrong. To reward one’s own, to punish others. This totalitarian way of thinking we see in all its glory in the neighboring country of Belarus. There is no room for such ideas and politicians in democratic Latvia,” said Edvards Smiltēns, Chairman of the LRA Board.


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