Over 82,000 people got their Covid-19 certificate on first day in Latvia

On Monday, June 1, access to the digital Covid-19 certificate started to work. On the first day, by 4 PM the site was visited 238,000 times and 82,000 certificates were downloaded, Latvian Television reported.

The system was launched earlier on Monday than initially planned because of the hockey championship. But data from all systems hasn’t yet been collected in one place. A number of people on social networks were surprised that they had been vaccinated or overcome Covid-19, but the certificate did not show up.

If such a situation occurs, it must be checked whether the data has been entered in e-health or the vaccination service provider has to be contacted, the National Health Service (NVD) said. One can also turn to NVD.

People who do not use the Internet or for other reasons cannot be authorized on the site will not be able to obtain the certificate until June 15 when such services will start to be offered in the single customer service center network of the State and local governments. The certificate will be used to attend various public events.

Three types of digital certificates are available: a certificate attesting to vaccination; a certificate of having had and recovered from Covid-19 infection; a certificate of Covid-19 test results.

To download or print a certificate for yourself:

The certificate takes the form of a QR code to be installed on a smart device, or a printed document.

The certificate will be used to access and provide services  as of June 1  , events and venues  from June 15,   and  hockey games.


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