Outdoor cafes will be open until 9 PM in Latvia

Outdoor terraces will resume work on Friday and will have to meet strict epidemiological safety requirements, including working hours set until 21:00, the Cabinet decided May 6.

When providing public catering services in outdoor areas, the service provider must comply with the following conditions:

In order to avoid crowding in the late hours of the evening, there is a limit on the working hours of public catering: they may  open at 6 AM and must close at 9 PM.  Restaurants can only provide takeaway after 9 PM. Alcohol sales will not be limited.

In addition, information must be clearly accessible to the public, including in foreign languages.

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Friday, May 7, 2021

    So Covid becomes more active after 9pm in Latvia ( the curfew varies in other places)? How ridiculous!!!! And the citizens are supposed to trust the government??
    It doesn’t take a genius to see what nonsense this is. Or is the purpose control?

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