One more coronavirus fatality brings total to 24

Latvia recorded four more cases of COVID-19 on May 28, increasing the total number of cases from 1,057 on Wednesday to 1,061 on Thursday.

One more fatality was also recorded, taking the death toll to 24. The victim was aged 70 to 75 with several chronic health issues.

The new figure was released by the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) which said 1,951 tests had been conducted during the previous 24-hour period.

In total 105 504 tests have been carried out since February 29.

Pēdējās 24h veikts 1951 COVID-19 tests, pozitīvs 4 cilvēkiem, 1 persona mirusi (vecuma grupā no 70 līdz 75, bija vairākas hroniskas saslimšanas) Latvijā kopā veikti 105 504 izmeklējumi, saslimusi 1061 persona un 741 izveseļojusies, 24 mirušas. — (@SPKCentrs)  May 28, 2020

One patient has been hospitalized. 23 patients are in hospital, most of whom have moderate symptoms of the disease but 3 of whom are designated as being in a serious condition.

So far 741 patients have recovered from infection.

The text of laws relating to the emergency situation and the powers given to the various public bodies is available in English at the national    legislative database  .

The number for medical emergencies is  113 , the number for enquiring about a COVID-19 test if you have developed some potential symptoms after returning from overseas or being in contact with someone confirmed as having coronavirus is  8303  and the SPKC COVID-19 advice helpline is  67387661 .

The SPKC has    information in English   about the approved methods of protecting yourself from the virus, symptoms and medical procedures    and an interactive map   plotting the incidence and distribution of the disease in Latvia.


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