Ombudsman blames ordinary people for worsening situation in the country

If people do not participate in elections, then they should not complain for the next four years that everything is bad, said ombudsman Juris Jansons to Rīta panorama programme, encouraging people to vote.

The ombudsman said that participation in elections is not just a right but a duty, as well. Everyone should go vote, because every vote is important. Believing the ‘my vote changes nothing’ statement is wrong, Jansons stressed.

According to him, people often say they will not vote because they cannot understand the political offers and party programmes, but even if they do not understand the finer points, they can still make decisions in favour of big directions, such as if a person is more western or eastern focused. If we look towards the west and do not vote, we thereby assist with moving towards the east, added the ombudsman.

Jansons believes the main reason why people do not vote is the lack of knowledge.

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