Norway interested in developing cooperation with Latvia in tourism industry

«Latvia welcomes successful regional and economic cooperation with Norway. Our countries have common values and goals – developing Baltic and Nordic countries as a wealthy and secure European region,» said Latvia’s Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens during his meeting with Norwegian State Secretary for Trade, Industry and Fisheries Roy Angelvik.

During this meeting, Latvia’s minister and his Norwegian colleague discussed mutual economic cooperation matters, as well as opportunities for expanded cooperation, as BNN was informed by Economy Ministry.

Angelvik and Ašeradens both said that their countries find it important to develop cooperation in start-up and innovations industry. At the same time, the two sides mentioned they are interested in developing cooperation in education by creating study programmes and student exchange events.

Ašeradens also said he is satisfied with the level of cooperation between Latvia and Norway on a regional level, adding that it is necessary to aim towards tighter regional integration of Baltic and Nordic States, especially in the field of energy, innovation, construction and green technologies. At the same time, the minister voiced satisfaction for Norway’s contribution to increasing security in the Baltic Region, the ministry notes.

The minister also mentioned the importance of Norwegian Financial Instrument to help deepen mutual ties and create new cooperation opportunities for Latvia’s small and medium-sized companies to come up with innovative and environment friendly green products, technologies and services. Norwegian grand programmes have helped realized 102 projects, create 126 new jobs and develop 40 environment friendly products and technologies.

Ašeradens mentioned that many Latvian construction companies are active in Norway, adding that further integration of construction regulations remains important.

Angelvik also mentioned that Norway is interested in developing cooperation with Latvia in tourism, which is important for the region’s development.

During the meeting, Latvia’s minister discussed with his Norwegian colleague the topic regarding crab fishing in waters around Svalbard. The two sides agreed that this matter should be resolved as soon as possible, as BNN was told by the ministry.

After meeting with Norwegian State Secretary for Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Latvia’s economy minister opened the Latvian-Norwegian business forum, which was attended by more than 300 businessmen from Norway.

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