No selfies with seals, nature experts remind

Over the weekend the first reports of baby seals on shore have been received, Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) said March 8.

Despite annual campaigns by the Agency urging not to come close to baby seals washed ashore from the sea, year after year, people either try to “save” them or take pictures to post on social media. Baby seals should have plenty of rest when they’re on shore, and people should not put the animals’ lives in danger by harassing them, said the Agency.

Latvian beaches have seals ashore every year in March and April. The best help a human can provide is leave the cute mammals alone. People should abstain from touching them and are urged to keep their dogs on a leash.

If you spot a baby seal that appears wounded or very weak, you may inform DAP by calling 28385025 (Kurzeme), 26424972 (Pierīga) or 26329412 (Vidzeme).


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