News agency: Finland opening borders to work commuters next week

Finland is set to ease entry restrictions from next week, Finnish newswire STT reports. The move, which STT says the Finnish government will rule on on Thursday, will likely, if it goes ahead, allow Estonian citizens and residents who had been unable to commute between the two countries, as they had done in pre-pandemic times, to resume doing so.

While Finland opened its borders to arrivals by air, this was not practical for the bulk of work commuters coming from Estonia, who would still be subject to quarantine requirements.

Similarly, arrivals at Finland’s western land borders with Sweden and Norway, were subject to the same entry regime.

STT says the Finnish cabinet will open work migration in all directions.

The continued adherence to the current restrictions, which go beyond EU requirements in terms of freedom of movement, had been the subject of extensive political pressure from Estonia in recent weeks.

Finland had rationalized the policy on the basis of concerns about potential coronavirus spread.

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