New restrictions coming soon in Latvia

The Ministry of Health will soon offer the government a model of new safety measures in the fight against Covid-19 spread. This week, ministries submit proposals for security measures, but later the responsible working group will work out a specific joint offer.

Latvian Minister for Health mentioned Lithuania, which has introduced a requirement for a Covid-19 certificate to receive different services. He also offers a similar model for discussion, and decisions on safety policy should be taken soon. Asked about compulsory vaccination in certain professions, minister said that this would apply to social workers, teachers, health workers and others.

The Ministry of Health forecasts that 500 Covid-19 patients will be treated in hospitals at the current Covid-19 rate at the end of September, 800 in early October. Hospitals will then have to start reprogramming and abandoning certain services.

Due to the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus, hospitalized patients are increasingly entering the intensive care unit. Last season, they were 10-12% of all patients in hospitals but now the figure is 20%. There are also more patients who need additional oxygen: if previously they were 30%, currently they are almost 85%.

Meanwhile, 1,500 Covid-19 patients in hospitals are the threshold after which “total overload” will occur in the healthcare system. Whether this limit will be exceeded in Latvia is unknown.

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