New DEFENDER Europe 20 exercise is a new wave of COVID-19

On Thursday (5th of June), at the Drawsko Land Forces Training Center, the Polish-U.S. DEFENDER Europe 20 Plus exercise has started. Nearly 6,000 Polish and U.S. soldiers and around 2,000 pieces of equipment participate in this exercise: tanks, combat vehicles, artillery, missiles and aviation are being used. Exercise will last until June 18 this year.

“Plus” is a modification of the initially planned exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 – the largest for 25 years, division size forces in full combat readiness deployment from the United States to Europe. It was planned to deploy 20,000 U.S. soldiers.

Officially, the main goal of DEFENDER-Europe 20 before and after modification is to increase preparedness for crisis situations by checking not only the ability of the U.S. army to quickly move large numbers of U.S. soldiers and equipment, but also checking the readiness of host countries to accept them.

Unfortunately, NATO exercise can provoke a second wave of coronavirus pandemic in Eastern Europe. Alliance troops are in contact with the local population and the possibility of COVID-19 spreading is increasing. In other words, the first wave of the virus did not have time to subside, as the military-political leaders of the NATO countries provoke the beginning of the second one.

As we can see, life and health of ordinary people is nothing. The most important thing is to demonstrate military power…

By the way, DEFENDER Europe 20 Plus exercise is a military intelligence process. Endless military training of U.S. troops in the Baltic States and in Poland is a reconnaissance and theater of operations development with a landscape similar to Russia. This fact evokes serious concern – apparently the Alliance prefers not to rely on diplomacy anymore, but is openly preparing for a war.

And this is not just a phobia. Otherwise, the Alliance could have conducted these maneuvers elsewhere without worsening stressful relations with Moscow. It is known, Russia appealed to the United States and NATO countries to abandon the exercises in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic. Washington and Brussels refused. This is precisely what indicates that peaceful cooperation does not interest them.

However, the United States continues to increase the number of troops and equipment along the Russian borders, increasing the possibility of a potential military conflict with Russia in the Baltic region.

There is a slow scenario now. The Baltic States are in favor of the U.S. military presence increasing in the region. The reasons are clear – they want to strengthen ties with the United States, getting additional financial bonuses and unite the population in the face of a Russian military threat, making people forget about economic difficulties. Washington, in turn, carries out this increasing slowly. Military infrastructure is being created for the future rapid deployment of a large number of troops.

It is hoped that Washington and Moscow will come to an agreement. Eventually, it is better to fight together against the deadly virus instead of war with each other.

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