Ministry of Health: over 1,600 cases of Covid-19 found at schools

According to a presentation by the Ministry of Health at the government meeting, in approximately one month, from August 24 to September 26, the school screening process has found over 1,600 cases of Covid-19.

A total of 13,667 Covid-19 cases have been registered in Latvia since the end of August. Of these, 12% or 1,658 cases were detected in school screening.

Overall, of all cases identified in school screening, 85% were found in children and young people. However, outside schools, even more cases were found in children and teenagers, a total of 2,200.

57.4% of infected learners had symptoms of respiratory disease. Minister for Health Daniels Pavļuts repeatedly urged not to go to school if there were Covid-19 symptoms.

170 school staff have been hospitalized throughout the whole Covid-19 pandemic, of which 24 (14%) were infected in the workplace. Until now, eight school staff infected with Covid-19 have died, one of which was infected at an educational establishment.

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