Local government elections will take place June 5 in Latvia

On Saturday, 5 June 2021, regular municipal elections will be held in Latvia. Unlike previous municipal elections, there will be a significantly smaller number of local government and councillors to be elected. In the result of the administrative territorial reform, which currently is carried out, there will be 42 municipalities in Latvia instead of the previous 119, while the number of councillors will fall by almost half.

In municipal elections, voters are expected to be able to vote at any polling station in their municipality. This is provided for by amendments to the City Council and Municipality Council Election Law and amendments to the Electoral Register Law. It is planned that at the polling station a member of the polling station commission will scan the voter’s passport or identity card and make sure that the voter is on the electoral list of the respective municipality, as well that his or her participation in the elections is not already registered. The system will register the voter in the electronic voter list, while a member of the polling station commission will record the voter information on the voters list, where the voter will sign up for the receipt of electoral materials.

At the same time, the Saeima adopted amendments to the law, which provides for the possibility for voters abroad to participate in municipal elections by postal voting.


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