Lithuania’s average wage rises above Estonia’s

In the third quarter, Lithuania’s average wage increased the most across the three Baltic states. Last year, Estonia’s average gross wage was €100 higher than Lithuania’s but it has now been overtaken.

The average gross monthly wage in Estonia in the third quarter was €1,441, in Latvia €1,147 and in Lithuania €1,455.

Lithuania’s average wage, before tax (brutto), was €1,454.80 which is 10.4 percent higher than last year in the third quarter. The increase derived mainly from the increase of the minimum wage and increase of the wages of state officials, politicians and judges.

However, residents of Estonia still receive a higher amount of their money as the official wage figure for Lithuania is boosted by a change effective from Janurary 1 of last year where taxes paid by the employer and social security contributions are counted as part of the gross wage.  

Lithuania’s median national income increased by 11.2 percent to €928.

Estonia’s average wage in the third quarter increased by 3.2 percent to €1,441. The median salary increased by 1.6 percent to €1,189 in the third quarter. People working in information and communication, finances and insurance and energy sectors had the highest wages. 

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