Lithuanian president to attend the Three Seas Initiative Summit

President Dalia Grybauskaitė is leaving for Bucharest to attend the Three Seas Initiative Summit. The summit, launched by the leaders of twelve countries bordering the Baltic, the Black and the Adriatic Seas, will focus on regional cooperation as well as on priority interconnectivity projects in the fields of energy, transport and digitalization.

This is the third such summit, which will gather Lithuanian, Polish and Romanian presidents, top leaders of Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic along with the European Commission President, senior representatives from Germany, the United States, the European Investment Bank, and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank.

The meeting will place special emphasis on the development of energy – electricity and gas – interconnections, which will open new opportunities for creating regional markets, enhancing the region’s energy security and the EU’s energy union. The development of transport infrastructure will also be high on the agenda. Modern rail and road links are necessary to advance the free movement of goods and persons and to improve military mobility for NATO military equipment to be able to reach the region as quickly as possible.

The Three Seas Initiative – which brings together the countries of the Baltic, the Black and the Adriatic Seas – provides a platform for practical regional cooperation. It aims to step up joint efforts to implement strategic projects, boost economic progress and promote closer integration into the single market.

The first edition of the Business Forum of the Three Seas Initiative will be held in Bucharest. It will be attended by 600 business people from twelve countries of the region, the United States, and elsewhere. Taking part in the forum will be representatives from the Lithuanian chemical, textile and wood industries.

Romania’s Great Union Centennial will be marked at the summit. At the invitation of the Romanian President, Dalia Grybauskaitė will attend a festive concert to celebrate the anniversary. A Festival of the Centennial Nations Capitals will be held with Lithuanian artists and performers also taking the stage.

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