Lithuanian MP shoked by conditions at Vilnius Covid-19 wards

Lithuanian MP Vilija Targamadzė, who has been hospitalised with Covid-19 in Vilnius, has shared images of broken beds and bathrooms, calling into question the preparations of the country’s capital for the second wave of the pandemic, wrote LRT.

“I couldn’t imagine that Covid-19 patients are being treated in such conditions,” she posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

In a room of four beds, three were broken, she said, and the toilets and corridors were cold and draughty. She added that the “wobbling healthcare system during the pandemic is holding on the shoulders of the medics”.

Targamadzė has called for immediate improvements for the patients and the medics. As Vilnius Municipality manages the hospitals, she has pinned the blame for “irresponsible unpreparedness” on the city’s administration.

The member of parliament tested positive for Covid-19 on December 30 and was among several lawmakers to fall ill with the coronavirus in late 2020.

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