Lithuanian Christmas decorations go full pandemic

With a pandemic Christmas, Lithuania has offered a pandemic response during Christmas, going digital and social distanced for the festive season.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, Lithuanian cities have lots of ideas that are anything but boring, according to a press release by Lithuanian Travel, the country’s tourism promotion agency.

Over the years, Lithuania’s Christmas trees have acquired international reputation, including having the world’s largest Christmas tree built of recycled bottles in Kaunas  listed in the Guinness World Records. Meanwhile, duels between Lithuanian cities for the best Christmas decorations have set the bar high, even during a pandemic.

This year’s surrealist installation in Vilnius has a hidden traditional Christmas tree, which is eco-friendly, powered with electricity generated from processed coffee grounds.

Those who visited Lithuania in previous holiday seasons would probably remember the Vilnius chess queen Christmas tree. This year, the Bernardine Gardens located in the heart of Vilnius has recycled some of the chess decorations and incorporated them into this year’s Christmas garden look.

The city’s bohemian neighbourhood Užupis has also been adorned with an unusual decoration – the highest Advent wreath in Lithuania. Half a kilometer of Christmas lights are wrapped around the 4-meter high structure.

Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, has presented a Christmas tree that looks like a dessert – whipped cream and meringue-looking decorations cover it from top to bottom. A well-known artist has decorated the city’s famous Vienybės Square with giant red-chested bullfinches – birds that many Lithuanians associate with long and snowy winters.

Merry digital Christmas 2020

Amid the pandemic, another common theme has unquestionably been digital solutions.

One of the main SPA resorts in Lithuania, Druskininkai, has therefore transformed itself into a digital city – lasers illuminate the Christmas trees, the city buzzes with picture-taking drones.

One of the largest manor ensembles in Lithuania – Pakruojis Manor – has transformed its courtyards into a magical world based on Alice in Wonderland. The entire area is about to become a shining beacon of light with hundreds of lanterns, light-emitting sculptures, and original art installations.


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