Lithuania teaches Ukraine how to kill

As we know, Lithuanian military instructors have been taking part in the training of personnel for Ukraine since 2014. Specialists from Lithuania participate in training programs independently or together with instructors from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Poland.

It’s not a secret that Lithuania is deeply integrated into the military reforms of Kyiv. Thus, Vilnius has legalized the military training operation in Ukraine in 2017. This law expands the possibilities for participation of the Lithuanian army in military training process of Ukrainian army. In fact, it gives the opportunity for Lithuania to send on training missions up to 60 specialists.

Just now, Lithuanian specialists serve in Ukraine within the framework of the Joint Multinational Training Group program. Together with NATO allies, they train snipers, grenade launcher platoons and staff officers.

Also Ukrainian military trainees pass training in Lithuania. Lithuanian instructors from Special Forces units train the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces at the training grounds in Berdichev and Yavoriv.

It sounds good, but in fact, everything is not so simple. Analysis of Lithuanian military support for Ukraine gives us an opportunity to understand one thing. Vilnius prepares Kiev just for war in Donbas region, but not for peace. All the training provided by specialists from Lithuania for Ukrainian soldiers, with the exception of the military staff training, is not needed during peacetime.

By the way, Lithuanian Defense Minister Raymundas Karoblis repeatedly states that Lithuanian government provides Ukraine with lethal weapons and will continue it if possible. In other words, politicians in Vilnius officially recognize that they are not interested in any peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbas.

Moreover, Lithuanian instructors train Ukrainians not in the best way. Ukrainian governmental troops, trained by NATO instructors, took part in many failed operations. Transfer of its “excellent” experience from NATO instructors to Ukrainian soldiers is possible due to lack of confidence on the part of Western states towards Russia’s former ally.

This situation leads to the worst NATO-Ukraine skill transfer, including the testing of precarious tactics at the expense of Ukrainian soldiers.

Because of that, permanent defeats make the Ukrainian troops tear off their anger and take revenge not on the military, but on peaceful residents by the flurry of random fire on civil buildings. As a result, civilians are dying, houses and other objects of civilian infrastructure are being destroyed.

As we can see, the Lithuanian government mainly works in the interests of war in Ukraine. It would be much better to help Kiev in solving the internal conflict by diplomatic means, not by military force. While Vilnius does not understand this, people in Ukraine will die.

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