Lithuania ready to share vaccines with Ukraine

Once Lithuania has acquired sufficient amounts, it is ready to share Covid-19 vaccines with Ukraine.

“I share the concern of the minister and the Ukrainian government that not enough vaccines are reaching Ukraine,” Landsbergis told reporters on Wednesday after a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba. “I offered a possibility, whenever Lithuania is ready to share, we will try and help Ukraine.”

Landsbergis said it is too early to say when the country would have a surplus, but stressed the importance of showing “a political objective”.

Lithuania’s assistance would satisfy only a small share of the amount required in Ukraine, he said, adding that other EU states could also help.

“But we can ask our friends in Europe to join us whenever they are able to do that in order to help our neighbours,” he said.

The first batch of Covid-19 vaccine jabs reached Ukraine on Tuesday following several delays. The country of 40 million people is one of the last in the region to roll out its vaccination programme.


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