Lithuania enacts lockdown exit plan

Lithuania enacts lockdown exit plan

Shopping centres and entertainment venues will reopen from 19 April with strings attached.

As of Monday, 19 April, Lithuania starts reopening its businesses under the lockdown exit plan which was proposed by the Health Ministry and approved by the government on Thursday.

Lockdown fatigue

“Taking into account the fact that a strict lockdown regime has already been in place for almost four months and is having an increasingly negative impact on people’s mental and physical state, and the whole society is tired of the lockdown, measures are needed to improve this situation. Therefore, certain lockdown easing should be considered,” said Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys, quoted by LRT.

The following businesses will resume operation under certain conditions:

April 19

shopping centres (excluding those at marketplaces; 20 sq m per person or serving one customer at a time; closed at weekends save for outlets with direct outdoor access)
cinemas, theatres, concert halls (up to 150 seated spectators, tickets sold online, no food on sale during events)
small indoor and outdoor events (up to 50 people)

April 22

outdoor spaces of cafes, bars, and restaurants (open 07:00- 21:00, maximum two customers at one table if not from the same household)
indoor cafes in airports and seaports
sightseeing tours (up to 10 people)

April 26

gyms and sports facilities (20 sq m per person)
group exercises (5+1 cap)
pools, saunas in hotels (limited to one household)
pools for school children

May 3

all marketplaces (15-20 sq m per person)

Benefits for people with immunity

The Health Ministry proposes a selective relaxation of some restrictions for people with coronavirus immunity (achieved after recovery from infection or through vaccination).

From 22 April, such persons would be allowed to gather in groups of up to 10 people. They would also be free to visit residents of all care facilities and hospital patients.

Some 546,300 people or almost a fifth of Lithuania’s population have received at least one shot of a coronavirus vaccine, the country’s statistics office revealed on Friday. According to the latest figures, some 204,500 people, or 7.3 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated with two doses.

Neringa and Birštonas are the leading municipalities in the vaccination rollout, with 34.5 and 32.3 percent of their residents respectively having received at least one jab. 1,088 new coronavirus infections and seven deaths nationwide over the last 24 hours were reported on Friday morning.

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Sunday, April 18, 2021

    How Ridiculous! Who are these people who are making these rules?
    Only outdoor cafes unless it is at an airport or port facility? “Covid” stays out of those cafes? Mmmm…..
    Shopping centers OK weekdays but closed on weekends? So “Covid” behaves on weekdays but is lethal on weekends? Mmmm…
    Three people OK but having a fourth is going to kill you…..
    Family members can’t spread “Covid” among themselves…

    It seems clear that the closing and opening are arbitrary and have no basis in science as is true of this whole “scamdemic”. There are numerous doctors and scientists all over the world who are knowledgable who say that this is unjustified.
    Don’t mention “Faux-ci”. Dr. Kary Mullis, the scientist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for developing the PCR test, knew “Faux-ci” and called him an idiot who didn’t know the basics but got to where he was by, and I’ll be polite, ingratiating himself with the higher-ups. He also said that there are strict guidelines for its testing procedure or there will be false positives which is why the numbers are so high. If Elon Musk took the test 4 times in one day and 2 were negative and 2 positive, what does that say? He also said that he will not take a vaccine.
    And doctors and hospitals are being paid more for “Covid” deaths?! This has been revealed but, of course, the government propaganda media does not report this!
    What is also not reported is the number of flu deaths this year, something that usually kills hundreds of thousands worldwide. There is no flu this year???

    And the requirement that people get the “vaccines”(which are not really vaccines which require a bit of dead virus but gene manipulation) is only causing harm. The pharmaceutical companies themselves have put on the labels that it does not protect from contracting the “virus” or transmitting it. It only “lessens the symptoms”. Of course, now one vaccine is not enough! If it didn’t kill you the first time, they will try again! AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson now stopped. What about those people who have already taken that jab???
    Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer has been speaking out about the dangers of these vaccines as being gene manipulation. He said most of the problems will not show op for several months as the genes travel through the body. He has been receiving death threats but said that he must speak out. He is not an anti-vaxxer as vaccines have been his life’s work. It is this new, untested gene therapy which worries him.
    Requiring these vaccines to participate in normal life is against the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention of Human Rights!
    Resistance is growing around the world. One plus one plus one …………..

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