Lighter restrictions planned for vaccinated people in Latvia

The Ministry of Health plans step-by-step relief for individuals who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Relief is proposed to be introduced in four phases.

The Ministry shall offer 4 steps of restriction relief for vaccinated persons. The first step has been implemented in May already, namely, vaccinated persons no longer have mandatory Covid-19 screening tests at work, and if the vaccinated person has been identified as a contact for Covid-19 patients, there is no need for quarantine, but a Covid-19 test should be carried out within a week of contact with the infected person.

It is planned that the second step could be allowing not to wear face masks in workplaces with a maximum of 20 people in one room, all of which have been vaccinated.

This week, the Ministry of Health plans to collect proposals from other ministries for various relief for vaccinated individuals, which is then scheduled to be discussed in the working group, and as early as June the government could adopt a framework for the initial relief.

The Ministry of Health plans that there will also be a ready-made solution for vaccination, testing, disease certificates for domestic use, but in mid-June a mobile application with these certificates would be available and it would be possible to use throughout Europe.

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