Less cargo and fewer passengers at Rīga Airport in January

In January 2021 passenger turnover at Riga International Airport has dropped by 90.4%, as compared to January 2020, according to Central Statistical Bureau data published February 22.

The total number of flights comprised 1 700, which is 73.9 % less. Data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau show that the volume of cargo and post loaded and unloaded has decreased by 14.5 %.

The total number of passenger arrivals and departures at Riga International Airport in January 2021 comprised 50.4 thousand – 7.3 thousand or 12.7 % less than in the previous month.

In January 2021, the volume of cargo and post unloaded comprised 1.1 thousand tons, which is 6 % more than in January 2020, but the volume of cargo loaded comprised 0.8 thousand tons – a drop of 32.5 %. As compared to December 2020, the volume of cargo and post unloaded has fallen by 19.9 %, but of cargo and post loaded –by 38.6 %.

Activity of Riga International Airport and changes over the corresponding period of the previous year


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