Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival will still take place

School Youth Song and Dance Festival has to be held, but in a different format, taking into account epidemiological requirements and focusing on municipalities. The final decision has not yet been taken and will be decided by the government.

XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration was scheduled to take place from 6 to 12 July 2020, but due to the spread of Covid-19, it was decided at the end of March last year to postpone the festival for 2021.

The festival will be organized in such a way as not to endanger health in any way. Pupils will be able to gather for song and dance festivals in municipalities and parishes, where the epidemiological situation will allow them to do so, the minister said. Traditional festival events in Rīga – the march and concerts in Mežaparks – will not take place.

The government will follow carefully until the epidemiological situation develops. The Minister for Justice said that in the second half of the summer, when the festival was planned, the situation could be better and vaccination would also reduce morbidity.

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