Latvian co-production triumphs in goEast festival

The Latvian co-production documentary “This Rain Will Never Stop” received the main prize at the goEast festival, a Central and Eastern Europe cinema event, representatives of National Cinema Center said April 30.

The film “This Rain Will Never Stop” is co-produced by Ukraine, Latvia, Germany and Qatar, directed by Ukrainian Alina Gorlova. The film won the festival’s main prize among 16 selections.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Latvia in the autumn. Director Alina Gorlova said: “I am very looking forward to the premiere of Latvia, because Latvia was the first country after Ukraine to support our film. I appreciate the long collaboration with our Latvian co-producer Ilona Bičevska and composer Goran Gora, who created deep and mysterious music for our film.”

Another Latvian film, director Yulia Timoshkina’s debut short film MAN received a special mention. All “goEast” winners can be found on the  festival’s website.


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