Latvian armed forces to practice cooperation with rescues services

On Tuesday, 17 April, Latvia’s National Armed Forces will be performing an exercise in Rezekne’s Audriņi and Vērēmi counties. These exercises are intended to train armed forces to cooperate with Emergency Medical Service, State Fire and Rescue Service, State Police and State Border Guard, as reported by Defence Ministry.

Through exercises it is planned to improve the unity of National Armed Forces and civil institutions, as well as mutual cooperation and resource management.

‘Support during exercises will be provided using Mi-17 support helicopter and other specialized vehicles. Only imitation equipment will be used during exercises to make sure lives and the environment is not put in danger,’ the ministry notes.

As intensive military exercises continue in Latvia and other Baltic States, National Armed Forces remind that Latvian and allied military vehicles may move around the country using state roads. Helicopters and military aircraft will be present in the country’s air space.

Armed forces apologize to residents for inconveniences this situation may create for them. Residents are asked to be understanding if they face short-term traffic congestion caused by movement of military vehicles.

Military convoys will be accompanied by Military Police, State Police or Relocation Coordination Centre vehicles.

National Armed Forces also emphasize that military aircraft will be passing in Latvia’s air space in strict compliance with speed and altitude restrictions. Noise caused by their passing will be short and will not cause damage to people or their property.

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