Latvia: Vaccination certificate available locally starting June 1

Starting Tuesday, June 1, Latvian residents are able to obtain a digital certificate attesting to the fact of vaccination against Covid-19 or having had the disease. Disruptions of the system are expected on the first day.

Digital Covid-19 certificates and obtaining them

As from 1 June, two types of digital certificates will be available: the certificate attesting vaccination; the Covid-19 certificate on having had the infection.

As of 9:30 June 1, LSM observed the site had started working.

To download or print a certificate for yourself:

The certificate will take the form of a QR code to be installed on a smart device or printed, said National Health Service director Āris Kasparāns.

The certificate will be used to access and provide services  as of June 1  , events and venues  from June 15,   and  hockey games.


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