Latvia to introduce a new type of personal identification document

Latvian government decided on Tuesday, October 13, to introduce a new type of personal identification document, the foreigner eID card. It is not known when these cards would be available.

The foreigner eID is a personal identification document that will certify the identity of the holder and facilitate the economic activity of foreigners in Latvia.

The foreigner eID will be issued at all customer service departments of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia. The cost of such a card is €80. It is also planned to introduce the issuance of a foreigner eID card at Latvian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

Electronic identity tools embedded in a foreigner eID card will enable the foreigner to function fully in the electronic environment: use national e-services, use an e-address to ensure communication with public authorities, to identify electronically and to sign documents. The eID card will also allow verifying one’s identity at institutions and companies in Latvia.

The foreigner’s eID card is not planned as a mandatory personal identification document. It will be issued to citizens of other countries who wish to be active in the State electronic environment.

This will not be a travel document, and it will not confirm the person’s right of residence in Latvia.

The Saeima  already supported t  he introduction of such eID cards in June 2021.

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