Latvia: Saeima approves one-off childcare benefit payment

On February 18, Saeima approved the one-off payment for families with children previously supported by government, EUR 500 for each child.

EUR 500 will be paid for each child under 15 years of age, those children aged 15 to 20 who are studying and dependent, and children who will be born until April 6, 2021. April 6 is the day the state of emergency in Latvia is currently set to expire.

This one-off financial support will be covered by the contingency budget program. The payment will be made automatically by State Social Insurance Agency (VSAA) without any applications. The payment will not be subject to tax or deductions.

It is planned that families will receive this aid before March 31. Those who only obtain the rights to this payment after March 1 (e.g. a child is born) will receive it within  30 days after applying for parental aid.


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