Latvia: Most state-paid health services available

As of Wednesday, May 20, nearly all state-paid outpatient health services are available, reported the National Health Service (NHS) on their website on May 20.

For the time being, restrictions are maintained in scheduled hospital services, and scheduled operations performed under full anesthesia (endotracheal anasthesia or laryngeal mask) are not available, the NHS informed.

NHS said that strict epidemiological safety requirements are maintained in medical establishments. Citizens must contact and agree upon the time of the visit before going to the doctor and it is not allowed to go without an arrangement.

The physician is required to send the patient for COVID-19 testing before a scheduled surgery or invasive manipulation. These operations will only be performed if the result is negative.

As of May 20, in addition to services previously provided (oncology, life-saving, as well as disability-prevention operations), the following are available:

treatment of ulcers, including complications from osteomyelitis and long-term non-healing chronic skin and soft tissue ulcers;

eye surgery for possible blindness prevention;

invasive treatment for patients with heart rate disorders;

cochlear implantation;

organ transplants;

endoprosthetics of joints.

All available health services are listed on  NHS website.


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