Latvia intents to impose different restrictions on vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of society

The main point raised by the Latvian Medical Association (LĀB) to normalize the situation caused by Covid-19 is the reduction of unnecessary contacts by 40-60%, vice president of LĀB Roberts Fūrmanis told.

Representatives of the LĀB will hold a press briefing on Wednesday, October 6, in which they will raise their expectations from the government to address the state of the healthcare system as more and more patients affected by the virus are admitted to hospitals.

“The expert panel has reported the catastrophic situation to the government but in return, we hear quite vague arguments or attempts to object to what experts say. Consequently, we have decided to turn to the public and explain what we expect from politicians,” he explained the reasons behind the briefing.

He also said that the government’s intention to impose different restrictions on vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of society would not suffice because it would be difficult to keep track.

“At the moment, the situation is that we cannot separate one flow from another [vaccinated and unvaccinated]. Individual restrictions planned to be enforced by politicians cannot be controlled and will not have an effect on reducing the number of infections,” he said.

He did not rule out that the restrictions should therefore be extended to vaccinated persons and stressed that the primary setting of medics is to limit the number of unnecessary contacts by 40-60%.

According to Fūrmanis, work should be carried out remotely where possible, decisions relating to public transport, entertainment, catering and other places should also be made.

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