Latvia chooses repair and maintenance provider for naval assets

Local SME to conduct dockyard services for Latvian Naval Forces vessels.
The Latvian MoD has selected a local SME to conduct dockyard repair and maintenance services for an undisclosed number of naval vessels.

SOL S will conduct the work at various bases in the country under a €620,000 ($732,000) contract announced on the official EU tenders portal on 21 July.

Activities will include ‘dock repair of sea vessels, cutters and sea boats and purchase of their spare parts’, according to the tender notice.

Vessels in the Latvian Naval Forces include Virsaitis (an ex-Royal Norwegian Navy minelayer), the hydrographic survey vessel Varonis, five ex-Royal Netherlands Navy Tripartite-class minehunters, six KBV-class coastal patrol boats and five Skrunda-class patrol vessels (including three built in Latvia).

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